O U R   N E W   S U P P L I E R S



Langetwins Family Vineyards

The Lange Family arrived in the Lodi region (California) during the 1870's and planted the first grapes in 1916. The Fifth Generation, represented by the twins Randall and Brad Lange, manages vineyards in four different counties for many wineries in California. And since 2006, the twins brothers produce their own wines.

LangeTwins aims to keep a sustainable wine growing based on respect for the land, and is dedicated to improving vineyard practices and health of its natural environment since nearly three decades. The brothers also say that "to be generational, we must be sustainable" and show their commitment by being certified through The Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing.




Sand Point Family Vineyards

Sand Point is a special place located in Acampo, California, where members of the LangeTwins family enjoy spending time and playing baseball during summer week-ends.

108 acres were bought by the family in 1946, following World War 2 and used to have grapes grown for wine programs such as Carignan or Zinfandel. However, the site was damaged in 1991 by a terrible flood. So, to ensure the future of the next generations, the family made Sand Point, the first (of many) habitat restoration projects.




Mezcal San Cosme

Mezcal San Cosme, borrows its name from Saint Cosmas who, alongside his twin brother Damian, is worshiped as the Patron Saint od Doctors. San Cosme is the taste of ancestral traditions, and craftsmen respectfully oversee each step of the complex and ceremonial production process. This artisanal young mescal of 40% ABV is obtained from the “Espadin” agave, produced in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.