Brouilly Château des Tours

Château des Tours
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Winemaking at this 50 hectare (125 acres) estate dates back to the feudal era in 1153. The Richard family devotes its property entirely to making estate-bottled Brouilly cru.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Morgon "Cote du Py"

Domaines Dominique Piron
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Wines from Cote du Py are very dark and profound, very dense. Aromas are very classic of cherry, kirsh and stone of the fruits. Very mineral, graphite, spices like black and white peppers are present. This wine can have a long life, more than 25 years old for the best vintages are not a problem! Older Gamays from Cote du Py smells like old rose and floral aromas. Cote du Py being a quite strong wine, it goes very well with red meat like beef, good cheeses, but also duck and why not some game during the fall.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Morgon "La Chanaise"

Domaines Dominique Piron
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Morgon is a wine of character and fruit, full of complexity and in the same time, very easy and fresh for drinking with most of the foods all over the world. It matches quite well with white meat as veal, chicken and cheeses.


Domaines Dominique Piron - Chenas Quartz

Domaines Dominique Piron
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The name of "Quartz" suggests the wine has a high minerality and complex flavours (lilac, peony, peach, red currant, white pepper...). Very well balanced: the first mouth is generally floral and then follows a very elegant mouth with silky tannin, round and digest. It matches very well with complex dishes, meats, leaver, and why not a small pigeon with peas and diced bacon?


Domaines Dominique Piron - Fleurie

Domaines Dominique Piron
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Color of the Fleurie is carmine red, but lighter than the robe of Morgon or Moulin a Vemt. Aromas are floral and fruity, iris, violet, faded rose, vineyard peach, stone of fruits... Quite older, the ageing can bring spicy aromas also. Generally, this crus is considered as feminine. Fleurie goes well with simple cuisine, white meat ad lamb or poultry, but also some fishes like pikeperch with red wine.