Meyer's Whisky

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Located in the heart of Val de Villé, in Hohwarth, Distillery Meyer, a family business founded in 1958, is renowned for its brandies, liqueurs and Alsace whisky, and has won the most awards for French distilled products at the Annual Agricultural Fair in Paris with more than 180 medals. More than thirty varieties of fruit and berries are distilled every year in the most modern computer-assisted stills in Europe. Combining traditional expertise with technology, Meyer’s has also established a reputation for its Alsace whisky, which it has been producing since 2007.


Meyer's Blended Whisky

Blended Whisky
Items Number: 861-BLEND

The Meyer’s whisky is a mash of wheat and malted barley from the Champagne region and malted barley. The phase of malting the barley is entrusted to La Malterie du Château® in Belgium, one of the oldest malteries in the world. Then the wheat and malted barley mash is brewed at an Alsatian brewer,  Brasserie Saverne, who practices this technique for beer.

The distillation process is typical of the Highland scotch whiskeys: double distillation and made in distillery copper stills, at the Meyer’s Distillery.

This blend superior is aged for a minimum of 7 years in former Sauternes cask from Bordeaux’s top estates, Château Doisy Daene.

Notes include apricot marmalade, orange blossom honey, kumquat, vanilla custard, white pepper, roasted almond and a thread of smoke. The palate is seamless and supple and just as inviting as the effusive aromas.