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Château de Laubade was built in 1870 in the heart of the noblest area of the appellation: the Bas Armagnac and is today the premier Armagnac property. Today, the third generation is actively involved in the quest of excellence of the property, composed of 260 acres of single vineyard, to make Château de Laubade an undisputed reference among the Armagnac category.

Floc de Gasgogne Laubade Red

Items Number: 802-RED

Adapted from a 16th century Gascony recipe, the Floc de Gascogne is a blend of fresh grape juice with a young Bas Armagnac from our estate.


Château de Laubade
Bas Armagnac VS
Items Number: 800-SIGN-42

Château de Laubade SIGNATURE is the result of handcrafting the best Ugni-Blanc and Folle Blanche eaux-de-vie coming from the estate, with up to 6 years of ageing in oak casks from Gascony.


Château de Laubade
Bas Armagnac
Items Number: 800-EXTRA

Château de Laubade EXTRA is the quintessence of the house’s blends, made with vintages aged 35 years and more in oak barrel. Complexity, richness, delicacy would be the right words to describe Laubade EXTRA.



Château de Laubade
Items Number: 800-VINT

Vintages available: from 1893 to 2003

More than 80 different vintages matured in Château de Laubade’s cellars. Each vintage entirely comes from a single harvest and distillation year. Each Vintage tells a particular story. A story dealing with the ongoing climate changes, with the unique Cellar Masters’ know-how that has followed one another, along the generations. The casks’ quality and the cellars’ temperature participate to the vintage special identity as well. Finally, each vintage is a particular chapter of the estate and draws on its long history, rich know-how and dedication to quality from several generations of men and women’s high involvement.


Château de Laubade only releases its vintages after a minimum of 15 years of ageing in oak casks from Gascony.